Speaking and writing the language of Italian cuisine

The course, addressing gastronomy scholars, food journalists, communication experts, linguists, translators, comparatists and professionals in the field of food and wine and catering, offers an overview of the history of Italian food culture, with particular reference to its literary dimension, to make its language familiar and fully understood. The analysis of the linguistic and cultural influence of Italy on other culinary traditions will then allow participants to tackle the practice of translation from several foreign languages ​​into Italian, developing useful models also for the composition of original texts (from manuals to essays).
• The course lasts 150 hours, 120 of which of lectures and seminars, divided into 3 modules, and 30 for self-study and the drafting of the final papers.
• Module 1 (70 hours): aimed at framing the topic in terms of the history of food, gastronomic literature, textual genres and the history of culinary language.
• Module 2 (20 hours): aimed at investigating the relationship between Italian cuisine and its language and several foreign cultures (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish).
• Module 3 (30 hours): devoted to contrastive analysis, the practice of translation into Italian, and the original composition of culinary texts, with workshops in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.


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